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    Warm congratulations on Huitong Logistics Park steel pipe business association held ceremoniously.

    In order to thank the enterprises of the park for a year's strong support, at 11:30 on March 3rd, the Huitong International Metal Logistics Park invited more than 100 enterprises in the park to join the enterprise, and solemnly organized the enterprise association. This event is a great gathering between enterprises and parks, and also a great event of communication between enterprises.

    At the beginning of the meeting, Song Renfeng, the deputy general manager of Huitong group and general manager of the logistics park, introduced the development of the park for a year, and song again stressed that the honor of the logistics park has been a contribution to the entrepreneurs here for a year, and thanks to the cooperation and efforts of all the entrepreneurs in the year. The park has been tied up with all enterprises, and the prosperity of enterprises is also the prosperity of the park.

    Jiang Yanping, deputy director of the Liaocheng Private Economic Development Bureau, delivered a speech on behalf of the private Bureau, thanking the park and the enterprises for their contribution to the Liaocheng economy over the past year, and hoped that in 2018, the park and the enterprises will make more efforts to create more brilliant achievements and make more contributions to the economic prosperity of Liaocheng.

    The next award presentation is first made by Mr. He Huaiguang, general manager of Huitong group, Liaocheng Tang Chuang Material Co., Ltd., Shandong Liaocheng run Hao Steel Tube Co., Ltd., Shandong state Kang metal material market Co., Ltd., Liaocheng City Development Zone Shunhe precision steel pipe manufacturing Co., Ltd., Liaocheng City win Xin steel Pipe Co., Ltd., Liaocheng City Materials Co., Ltd., Liaocheng Development Zone Zhonghua Steel Tube Co., Ltd., Shandong Kelly Laser Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Kelly metal material market Co., Ltd., Shandong Junjie Xin Lian iron and Steel Co., Ltd. issued 10 outstanding enterprise medals of the year, and expressed their sincere thanks to entrepreneurs.

    Mr. He Huaizhi, chairman of the chairman of Huitong group, and Mr. Jiang Yanping, deputy director of the private Bureau, are the best faith enterprises in the logistics park, Liaocheng Jin Feng Bao Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., Liaocheng bond Pipe Industry Co., Shandong Jin Ming Steel Tube Co., Ltd., Shandong REI commerce Co., Ltd., and Liaocheng City Xin full garden metal material Market The 10 entrepreneurs of the company, Shandong JA Power Engineering Co., Liaocheng De Ji commerce Co., Ltd., Shandong Liaocheng City Xin Ze Material Co., Ltd., Liaocheng Jijie Steel Tube Co., Ltd., Shandong Kechang Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. issued medals, and expressed sincere congratulations to all the entrepreneurs.

    Then, in the warm applause, Lv Zhaomin, general manager of Liaocheng Dongchangfu District Li Min Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., and general manager of Liaocheng run Hao Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., Qin Xu, respectively, represented the award-winning enterprises, thanking the logistics park for creating a good atmosphere for the market, thanks to the various departments of the logistics park, and to all the entrepreneurs here. Greetings from the new spring.

    Finally, under the inspiration of Mr. He Huaiguang, the general manager of Huitong group, the entrepreneurial friendship once again entered the boom. Entrepreneurs push cups and exchange greetings, and sorority gradually comes to a climax.

    As the fraternity went on and the surprises brought to you, the logistics park prepared a series of programs for entrepreneurs, both happy and lively acrobatic performances "happy Chef", the grand atmosphere of "the dream of the Datang", the passion, the melodious song and the Beijing opera, and the thrilling magic show, I have won the applause from the entrepreneurs here and again. When the magician put the lighted cigarettes in the guests' clothes, not only did they not burn the clothes and cigarettes, but they disappeared instantly, the entrepreneurs in the room said that the Tang Dynasty imperial concubine, with a gentle and gentle voice, took everyone back to the Tang Dynasty to feel the grace and grace of the Tang Dynasty. The moment, let the guests are amazed at the present, the unpredictable Sichuan opera face, the wonderful National Beijing Opera selection and other performances show superb artistic features, get a warm applause, and add a strong and cheerful atmosphere for the friendship association.

    The fellowship lasted more than 3 hours, during which the entrepreneurs greeted each other and exchanged each other. The Group Chairman He Huaizhi and the Group sales and service department, representing the group general company, the general manager of the logistics park, Song Renfeng, and the logistics park, each of the leaders of the logistics park, sent the new spring greetings to the entrepreneurs, respectively, to make the friendship atmosphere more atmosphere. Warm.

    Huitong logistics park business association has been held for six consecutive periods since 2013. The new Spring Festival is a grand meeting for entrepreneurs to communicate with each other in the new spring. It is also a grand meeting to express gratitude to the entrepreneurs in the Huitong group and the logistics park. The staff of the Huitong group and the Logistics Park sincerely thank all the entrepreneurs for their hard work and positive cooperation over the years, and sincerely hope that all the enterprises in the park will thrive in the 2018 new year and have a wide range of financial resources, and the 2018 dog years are prosperous, prosperous and prosperous. It is also hoped that all enterprises will continue to work together with the park in the new year to create a new round of brilliance of Huitong International Metal logistics park.

    Author: Wang Chenglin