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    Park Introduction

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    Shandong Huitong International Metal Logistics Park is located in the beautiful Jiangbei Water City—Liaocheng, China. It is invested by Shandong Huitong (Group) Co., Ltd. and is a key project in Shandong Province. According to the requirements of the development plan of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, the overall planning area is 3,500 mu, and the construction of the first phase covers 1,134 mu, with an investment of 1.6 billion yuan. The park is adjacent to the east outer ring of Liaocheng’s external traffic center in the east, the Ji’s-Liao-Guan Expressway in the north, is 10Km away from the Beijing-Kowloon Railway Freight Station, and is 5Km away from the Rongji Railway Freight Station. It has an advantageous location and convenient transportation, and it has unique logistics and transportation conditions. .

    The park is based on the development strategy of the “1 District, 7 Parks, 3 Major Markets, and an Ecological Leisure Sightseeing Corridor” proposed by the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government and the Development Zone. It relies on the nation’s largest distribution and distribution center for steel pipes and non-ferrous metal new cities in China. The geographical advantage of Liaocheng has three advantages: high positioning, wide service, and complete facilities. Positioning high: set international trade in non-ferrous metals, spot trade and e-commerce trade functions in one; service wide: will be built to become Shandong, serve the country, the global radiation of "international non-ferrous metals business city" and "pipe industry gathering area"; Facilities: The park plans to build Huitong International Metal Trade Building, Huitong International Metal Logistics Building, non-ferrous metal storage area, non-ferrous metal processing area, information trading platform, convention center, etc., with a comfortable living quarters, four-star international business Hotel, large parking lot, gas station and so on. After the completion of the overall project, the annual cargo throughput will reach 30 million tons, with an annual sales income of 100 billion yuan and an annual profit and tax of 5 billion yuan.

    With the strong support of the municipal party committee, the municipal government and the administrative committee of the Development Zone, under the active guidance of the transfer mode, structural adjustment, and total volume expansion policy, Shandong Huitong International Metal Logistics Park will be built into the world's leading and domestic first-class international metal commerce. The city has become the source of the industries driving the local economic development and the source of power.